Welcome on our website! We present our Restaurant below.

When you step in at the main entrance of the building, you can see a table with a big book. This book our original guest book. Only this old guest book „knows” how many people write a line, or how many different culture were represented in our gastronomic empire.
From this corridor you can reach the private room, the main hall, the hotel corridor, and the terrace.
The private room is decorated country-style and up to 20 persons can be dine comfortably, The right or the left side of the guest book (the left side door is at the opposite of the private rooms door) you can reach the main hall. When you entering to the main hall, the first thing what catch your eye is the beehive oven at the center of the room. Typical character of the inn, each furniture are wooden made.
In the past 18 years we organised weddings up to 160 people, so from that you can imagine the size of the main hall. Food choices range broadly follows the tradition of domestic kitchen, of course, since we are in a fish restaurant, so the fish dishes dominate the menu, but can be find it a fair number of poultry, pork, beef and pasta dishes. Over the usual, we offer very special desserts, some of them can’t be found in other restaurants near the city of Tát.
We are pay attention to keep our prices in mid-range, and on the other hand we try to offer a selection of quality drinks. For example products of Borsodi beer brand, wines from Feind and Dúzsi winery, and a wide selection Pannonhalmi Pálinkárium products (quality hungarian spirit called „pálinka”).

From the main hall you can reach the terrace by many ways, where we can make place for the maximum of 80 people. We have years of experience in weddings to be held up to undertake on-site marriage as well.
You can reserve table with the form at the bottom of the page, if you wish an unique offer, please use the comment field. Thank you.

Our restaurant experienced staff who speak several foreign languages ​​and the management of several decades of experience guarantee of success.

You are welcome to visit us in person and experience the charm of the Öreg Halász Restaurant.


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