Introducing the Öreg Halász Pension.

Opposite with the main entrance of the Pension, you can find the reception desk, which has a roof most like as the building’s thatched roof. This desk is some kind of frame of your stay in the Öreg Halász Pension, because this is the check-in and the check out place, the information and after the restaurant close it’s a bar too.
Our Pension with all the 24 rooms can find at the upper floor. Most of our room are double, but we have three single room, and one with four beds. Accordance with our guests comfort and needs we can put truckle beds and cribs to the rooms of course.

Double room:                                  12000.- HUF
Single room:                                      8000.- HUF

Breakfast:                                           1800.- HUF
Half board (breakfast, dinner):       4000.- HUF

Tourist tax:                  200.- HUF/person/night

On the upper level, at the right side of the stairs, you can find the drawing room, which can be separeted from the sight of the other side of the floor with curtains. At the drawing room, we have the children’s corner. You can also find a TV here, or at the reception you may ask to one of our board games.
The left side of the stairs, the first thing you are discover is the PC with free Wi-Fi, for our guests. It is important to tell, our Hotel does not have any things of modern entertainment, neither wellness, but we believe that we can provide quality entertainment for all our guests, whether single, couples, families, small or larger groups.
We do our best to provide up to date informations about the variety programs of the closer places and give the best chance to learn more about of the nature or discover the towns and other places near our Hotel, with bicycle, foot or canoe trips.

If you like the Öreg Halász Pension. We are waiting for the moment when we can welcome you as our guest.

We accept cards.

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