Öreg Halász


The Öreg Halász Hotel és Étterem not only a fish restaurant. On the one hand, because our food selection is not only traditional hungarian, folk type dishes. On the other hand, because above our restaurant you can find a small, rural atmoshpere hotel with 24 rooms where almost everything (ceiling, furniture, columns) is made from wood.
You can find the Öreg Halász Hotel és Étterem at Tát, a small city, near the more than thousand year old city of Esztergom. On the map, between the Old Vienna Road (Number 10) and the number 117 road. The country's largest contiguous thatched roof building (the longer side is about 80 meters) includes the Restaurant for 150 people, private room for 20 people, terrace for 80 people and the hotel with 24 rooms (with one, two or three bed).
The Öreg Halász Hotel és Étterem more than simple catering place. Our restaurant is a great place for graduation ceremony, birthday party, reunion and other themed event, wedding, civil wedding. We regularly welcome foreign tourist groups.
Among our Hotel guests families, business people, foreign professionals, musicians (including DJs) and other artists.
Only the guestbook ’knows’ how many people visited us in the near two decades since we reopened our doors.

With the help of this website, we want to make comfortable the reservations and the information gathering from the Öreg Halász Hotel és Étterem for our present and future guests. In the photogalery you can see some pictures of the hotel, the restaurant, the building and some event.
We hope you will visit us soon.